"Hannah worked for RH for seven years, most recently as a business analyst. During that time she made a very valuable contribution to our understanding of and strategy in relation to customer profitability and pricing in particular. She has strong mathematical ability, very good analytical skills and the confidence to argue her case. She is hard working and has a high level of personal integrity."

Ian Baxter, Managing Director, The RH Group
"During her time with Caspian Ltd, Hannah provided not only insight, strategy and business development planning but also implemented and worked with us as we expanded to help see projections come to fruition. She has been a major factor in bringing two established businesses into their potential. I would recommend her confident, contingent and experienced approach to anyone wanting to improve or expand their business."

Caspian, Managing Director, Caspian Ltd, Escapism
"Hannah is a great example of an Analyst that marries functional business analysis with technical expertise. During my time working with her it was clear that she had an expert level knowledge of business processes, but aligned it with the ability to provide technical solutions that added a lot of value to the department and business as a whole. She clearly has an extremely high grasp of Excel, VBA and SQL and uses this to her advantage to provide accurate insights with a great level of detail. I would not hesitate in recommending her to a potential employer or client."

Matthew Williams, UK Analyst, Amazon.co.uk
"Hannah is one of the most, knowledgeable, helpful and professional individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. Acting as the single point of contact for the company in regards to data analysis and production - Hannah always finds time to listen to the needs and objectives of each individual she works with... no mean feat when doing this for around 300 staff."

Miles O'Donnell, Senior Freight Account Manager, The RH Group
"Hannah is without a doubt one of the strongest Business Analysts I have had the privilege of working with. She has the unique ability to combine her extreme analytical intelligence and understanding with a unique insight into the complexities of business operations. The result of this is that Hannah is able to provide you with a level of detailed analysis and guidance that is invaluable to any business operation. I cannot recommend Hannah highly enough - she will add an immense value to any business she is involved in."

Rob Boland, Senior Operations Manager, Amazon.co.uk
"I worked with Hannah for over two years at Amazon.co.uk where she was an exceptionally insightful and able analyst, with first class technical skills and the ability to deliver high quality work to tight deadlines. Amazon is a challenging environment for an analyst with a ferocious pace of change, where Hannah's organisational skills enabled her to thrive. Many senior leaders relied on her for insight, and she demonstrated a keen understanding of this complex business, adapting to change in a rapid and agile fashion. Hannah's technical SQL and Excel skills are excellent - she is able to turn raw data she has never seen before into structured data and then into insight in a very short space of time. She is also very reliable and dependable, and relates well to others. I would gladly have Hannah in my team if she ever wished to return, and know that she will instantly add value to any organisation looking for complex, insightful analysis."

Pete Freeman, UK Business Analyst, Amazon.co.uk
"I worked with Hannah on a number of IT projects. She has great people skills, an excellent eye for detail as well as good all-round technical knowledge. Any project involving Hannah is likely to be very successful."

Rob Docherty, Software Developer, The RH Group
"Hannah was fantastic to work with. Helpful, proactive and very enjoyable to be around."

Tom Walker, Information Technology Analyst, The RH Group

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Hannah Cooke

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