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Hannah Cooke

Hannah Cooke

Inquisitive with a thirst for knowledge, Hannah is flexible and adapts easily. She enjoys learning new skills or applying them to different fields or industries and thus is effective quickly on new projects and in fast-paced, evolving environments. Experienced at working with Stakeholders at all levels, Hannah efficiently summarises information presenting it appropriately for the audience. Logical and analytical in her approach, her strong determination and love of problem-solving drives Hannah to think outside the box when seeking solutions, implementing them throughout with a "can do" attitude.

Meticulous with a consistent attention to detail, Hannah is responsible and can be relied on to complete a task, instinctively going the extra mile and seeking perfection. Managing multiple projects simultaneously, she is skilled at prioritising work to ensure she meets deadlines. Hannah enjoys being part of a team and collaborating on projects but is also motivated, focussed and confident in making decisions when working alone.

With seven years experience in Analytics, Hannah has shown the transferable nature of her skills applying expertise to a wide scope of industries including Freight, Retail, Financial Services and most recently Entertainment and Corporate Team Building. Frequently forging the way, Hannah can both build on your existing framework or build solutions from ground up.

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